Inaugural TallySOUP

4 Stories. 80 Attendees. $389 Donated. 1 Amazing Event.

TallySOUP is a quarterly microfunding dinner aimed at bringing the Tallahassee community together to raise funds that support local community projects. On Friday, July 28th, we heard from four amazing women who are working on projects to better their community. Here's a recap from last week's presentations:  

Stephanie Shumate - Winner

Help Shelp Tallahassee will be Tallahassee’s own contribution to The Little Free Pantry movement. Residents in need will have access to a fleet of food and toiletry pantries all over town with help from their neighbors, colleagues, and friends. Leon County is currently ranked third out of 67 counties for food insecurity. With this projects we hope to help alleviate this issue while providing a way for the community to see how their contributions can create a direct impact.  

If you'd like more information, you can contact Stephanie at

Christic Henry

The Capital Area Neighborhood Network's Summer Community Engagement Symposium- taking place on August 19th- hopes to make civic engagement "sexy" by hosting a forum full of "hot topics" in an effort to hieghten intergenerational interest in improving the economic and civic vitality on all social levels of our city. This forum, targeted at Southside residents but open to all, provides an opportunity for authentic citizen education, exchange, and input on specific issues facing our community in a open, laidback atmosphere.

If you'd like more information, you can contact Christic at

Julie Todd

The Recycled Wedding Market will be a one of a kind event where married couples will sell their gently used items to soon-to-be married couples looking for a good deal. The event aims at decreasing the environmental impact weddings have, by reducing waste and giving couples access to gently used wedding items at a discounted rate. All items not sold at the event will be donated to the Junior League’s Whale of a Sale to raise funds for Sustainable Tallahassee.

If you'd like more information, you can contact Julie at

Faye Whittington

As a widowed single mother and recovered heroin addict, I am very passionate about helping those suffering from addiction - especially single mothers. I want to create a support group for mothers in our community with any present or former addiction issues. Whether in active addiction or recovery, these women and their children are most vulnerable to physical and sexual abuse, homelessness, arrest, or being yet another child put into the system. I will be donating a percentage of proceeds from my cottage foods company to maintain this program.

If you'd like more information, you can contact Faye at

Nick Simpson